Five Most Trending Heet Flavors in The Market - BarbaraBuchholz
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Five Most Trending Heet Flavors in The Market

The IQOS heet sticks are branded specially for the IQOS device. As a beginner or first time user when it comes to handling the IQOS device, it is wise to try out all the available IQOS heets flavors. This way, you know which flavor best suits your taste. The difference between the sticks are not just in the flavor or taste but also in the scheme and aspects of the stick. All the little details combined add up to a huge difference. If you are new to using IQOS heatsticks, here are some flavors you should try out before settling on a particular one.

Amber Label

The first stick on the list is considered as one of the most powerful according to reviews. Sticks with the amber label have a more powerful tobacco flavor. From the smell, you can notice that the tobacco is more intense. This flavor is mostly suggested to individuals who want to try out the IQOS device right after taking regular cigarettes due to the strong taste.

Five Most Trending Heet Flavors in The Market - BarbaraBuchholz

Yellow Label

The yellow version is slightly less intense than the amber flavored label. The yellow label is made as similar to typical cigarettes as possible. This label can satisfy individuals who use cigarettes o; a regular basis. By using this flavor individuals may find it easier to switch from regular cigarettes to the IQOS device which is considered as safer.

Turquoise Label

This label is menthol flavored. The menthol may come off as a bit bitter and a little bit strong. With this flavor the taste of tobacco is reduced but not completely. The mint flavor gives a refreshing feeling when inhaled. It is not as strong as the yellow label, but it equally provides the right amount of nicotine.

Five Most Trending Heet Flavors in The Market - BarbaraBuchholz


Purple Label

The purple labeled sticks give off a berry scent. The aroma is pleasing but it has a strong smell of currants and of mint. Even with the combined aroma, the taste is properly balanced and enjoyable. The flavor is not overshadowed by the underlying minty flavor and the tobacco flavor is not too strong. If you prefer berry flavored aroma, then this is the best choice for you.

Green Zing

The green flavor provides a stimulating citrus taste. The heet stick provides a rich taste instantly and a slightly sour aftertaste. This flavor is a moisture of various herbs and lime which provides these results. It is not very popular but if you are in need of diversity then this is the choice for you.

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