Tower Cranes Dismantling Dubai
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Everything You Need to Know About Dismantling Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are a type of machine used in the construction industry for heavy lifting and lowering, mainly to lift heavy equipment and to transport them to another place. As far as tower cranes dismantling Dubai at Al Faris Group is concerned, we also conduct it with the help of a mobile crane. If the conditions of the site permit, this can also be carried out by a hoist and winch – the hoist being used for lifting purpose and winch to pull under the condition that the electric installations are untouched.

Preparation Stage

External Setup

  • Ensure no obstacle is stopping the decommissioning process.
  • Ensure the cathead is connected the right way.
  • Raise the telescopic cage to the top of the mast tower and attach it to the four corners.
  • Take the following points into consideration when filling the telescoping accessories.
  • Entirely extend the cylinder and connect the telescopic lugs.
  • Raise the mast lifter into the monorail and fasten it to the portion that has to be dismantled.

Everything You Need to Know About Dismantling Tower Cranes

Internal Climbing

  • Ensure no obstacle is stopping the decommissioning process.
  • Prep the approved workforce, tools as well as equipment required.
  • Drill down a 3-diameter hole into the slab at the Derrick Crane Cross position.
  • Utilize the tower crane to lift any of the Derrick Crane parts that were placed earlier on top.
  • Set the derrick crane and its accessories.
  • Attach the tower crane cylinder with the yoke or climbing beam to the collar beam in which the preparation for jacking down is currently seated and secured.
  • Fix another set of collar beams in place and make sure the shoring is appropriately connected to hold the equivalent load.
  • Jack-down and fix the tower crane.

Disassemble the Sequence

  • The dismantling procedure starts from the mast section, where the telescoping process must be on a loop. While doing so, workers must add safety wedges inside their shoes. Repeat the process until the mast tower is dismantled completely.
  • Detach the hydraulic cylinder and place it down in a safe manner.
  • Connect the slewing unit, which is placed atop the primary mast, and remove other accessories such as the mast lifter.

Disassemble the Sequence

Disassemble the Wire Rope and Counter Jib Ballast

  • Start the process by lowering the pulley block towards the ground.
  • Once you’ve lowered it, unpin it from the nose swivel.
  • Proceed towards the Counter Jib Ballast, and start by taking them one by one, until you have just one block remaining. Make sure not to take it out, as it needs to maintain a balance for the boom hoist ropes.
  • Place the crane trolley below the foot of the JIB and detach the front and rear ropes.
  • Lastly, disconnect the electric circuits and the wire rope.

Disassemble the Jib Arm

  • Disassemble the connectors of the boom using a hoist and winch or other tools that help lower and remove the connections.
  • On the sling point, sling and lift the jib at least 8 meters in length using two wire ropes.
  • Ensure that the brackets used to support the tie bar are placed rightly. Slightly elevate the boom to release the connectors.
  • Use the hoist winch or alternative methods to loosen the wire rope.
  • Once this is done, lower the jib to the ground.
  • Now that the boom is dismantled, you can remove the last count jib ballast block.

Disassemble the Jib Arm

Disassemble the Jib

  • Start by disconnecting the electrical on the hoist and winch, after which you can remove the cables.
  • Fasten the counter jib and strap it with a sling of at least 8 meters, or have it folded.
  • Slightly elevate the beam to loosen the connector and then detach it from the cathead’s twin link.
  • Place the connector on the beam after removing the column.
  • Remove all the access items from the beam and top of the tower crane.
  • Finally, detach the beam and lower it to the ground.

Disassemble the Remaining Parts

  • Have a look at the adjacent assembly to ensure the electric cables are disconnected.
  • Once done, move on to the operator’s cabin and disassemble it along with the cathead, ring gear, and the mast section.
  • Disassemble the base mast, climbing collar, and other components of the crane.
  • Lastly, disassemble the Derrick crane.

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