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Five Tips for A Fun Private Yacht Charter Experience

Are you looking for maritime leisure? If so, sailing is one of those things that are loved by a lot of people. But there are a few more things that you can enjoy while sailing apart from fishing and swimming. A private boat hire Dubai can help you in providing the best boat for your journey.

On-Board Barbeque

On-Board Barbeque

While you are thinking about what you can do on your boat trip, one of the most interesting things is enjoying a barbeque. Just like the same way you enjoy a barbeque on land, the same you can do it on-board as well. It is the best thing you could have ever thought of doing.

Did You Forget About Tubing?

Boat Tubing

Boat tubes are quite popular now. It is a kind of water sport that can give a person a thrilling experience and would make you feel excited along with high-speed water. It is a fun activity that you can enjoy along with your whole family. But ensure that you are wearing your swimming suit while doing this.

Barefoot Policy

Barefoot travel at a high-speed but once you touch the surface of the water, creating resistance would be easier. You must keep your toes up, as well as your legs straightened, which will help in eliminating buckling. By doing this you can travel around the water surface but not in the water.

Live Music

Along with having a meal, how about enjoying live music? It would create a beautiful environment and you can also dance with your partner. What can be more interesting than this? Sit at the back and enjoy having a drink while listening to live music with your partner.


Without a glass of drink, boating activities will not end. Beer, champagne, or red wine are some of the common things that are available on a boat journey. The choice of the drink is absolutely yours! Strong drinks are not provided while going on a trip in a boat but you can all these available drinks. If you do not wish to drink, you can also enjoy some other available starters.

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