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Four Factors to Consider When Deciding A Domain Name

Many individuals tend to believe that choosing a name isn’t important, but that isn’t the case. The truth however is that it requires a lot of consideration and thought, just as how you would put in effort when deciding on your company’s name. You need to understand that your 
UAE domain name is going to help your customers associate you with the services you have to offer. So, you need to ensure that it’s easy for your customers to find your website, or they may end up on your competitor’s website. In order to help you with this decision, we provide you with the top four factors that you need to consider before finalizing your decision.

Avoid Special Characters

When deciding on a domain name, you need to ensure it matches the name of your brand. The best approach is by keeping it simple and fresh. Avoid using special characters or numbers. An ideal example would be It is clear cut and precise, eliminating any confusion that users would have about the product. You could either go in for a brand name or your business’s name, whichever you feel would be more suitable.

Avoid Special Characters

Short and Simple Is Key

If you have a long and complicated name, you risk potential customers misspelling it and landing on a competitor’s website. You can go for a short name but ensure not to eliminate most parts of the word. Some even opt for acronyms, but that is only applicable if your brand is known by it. WWE is an excellent example of this. While the actual name is World Wrestling Entertainment, it is associated with WWE, which people are going to type while looking for their website.

Don’t Use General Key Phrases

While it is helpful to use keywords, you need to be smart when deciding on a name. You should use key phrases that best describe your business but should at the same time ensure it is not too generic. Keeping it too generic will cause Google to detect it as a spam.

Choose A Unique Name

Choose A Unique Name

The perfect domain name should be unique and not resemble any brand or other name. Unintentional infringement of copyright may result in you being sued and forced to give up on your domain name. It would help if you tested if it violates any terms before registering your domain name. It would help if you checked if it breached any terms before registering your domain name. Besides, if it can make people confused, it can be the same for search engines as well. If you pick a name similar to another website, irrelevant links will litter the search engine results.

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