Ecommerce SEO Dubai Guide
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Ecommerce SEO Dubai Guide

Up to 44% of online shopping journeys begin with a simple Google search with 37.5% of traffic to eCommerce sites coming directly from search engines. Failure to understand these figures causes most people to take the wrong approach when developing their eCommerce webpages. A large percentage tries to outrank world-renown gurus such as Amazon, while others have no idea what they are doing.

Since it is highly unlikely that you will outrank Amazon, you should focus on individual products and categories. Start by looking for errors on your site, with the most common one being the failure to use HTTPS. As you will be collecting personal details from users, you should use HTTPS to ensure the data remains encrypted, thus well protected. Also, sites using HTTPS tend to rank higher.

Here is a simple guide on how to do this right;-

Adequate keyword research

Without keyword research, you are likely to be flying blind while relying on your gut feeling to run your campaign. From any point of view, this is a strategy to fail. Doing keyword research on an eCommerce page is quite simple;-

  • Make an inventory of all your pages
  • Arrange the pages in order of priority
  • Identify and map keywords for each page
  • Find long and related keyword variations

Page particulars

Now that you have identified the keywords and terms on each page, it is time to ensure those findings count;

Most eCommerce sites use templates to optimize on their Meta titles, descriptions and first heads. However, it is not the ideal approach, as it is almost impossible to optimize individual pages using the templated approach. Instead, you should take a hybrid approach.

  • Work on your URL

Ecommerce URLs can be long and messy, which is what you want to avoid. You want your URL to be short, clear and readable. Besides, you want to include your primary keywords, use hyphens instead of underscores or spaces and where possible, avoid URL parameters.

  • Write unique transcriptions

The description not only informs visitors more about your product but also help Google comprehend the content of your page. Ensure the description is well-written and easily readable. Plus, it should include your head keywords, long-tail variations, and most importantly keep them short and sweet.

  • Include a Schema Markup

Though quite complicated, a Schema Markup is eye-catching and provides the searcher with plenty of information, which triggers them to click on your site. That increases traffic, resulting in more sales. Besides, a Schema Markup also helps Google understand your content.

Building links to Ecommerce sites

Though it is quite tricky to build links to your homepage, you do need some links to create traffic to your page. Some of the ways to get them to include;-

  • Identify sites linking to your competitors’ homepages
  • Try to get manufacturers to feature you on their ‘where to buy’ links
  • Identify a competitor in a different market and seek to be mentioned with them

Final words

Recognizing that an eCommerce SEO Dubai is different from other types of SEOs will go a long way in helping you develop the perfect site. Strive on being unique and the best, as you also appreciate there are competitors, you will never outrank.

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