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F1 Yacht Party – Five Reasons Why It Is Exciting

Imagine the incredible view where you can see F1 cars racing through the tracks from a yacht. Fun, glamour and entertainment defines the yacht party. The live coverage of races is shown at multiple points throughout the yacht. As the races draw to a close, a crazy night of after-party begins. These super yachts are lined up along the dock on a premium track side location. You will definitely have the time of your life with the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi yacht partyThere is a wide range of packages to choose from, and the service by the crew is world-class. This night of partying with the Grand Prix attendees is extremely fun-filled, as you also get a chance to meet several celebrities. Time for you to get starstruck.

Open Bar

An open bar is what gets the party going, filling the air with excitement and exhilaration. For all those boozers out there, an open bar is the highlight of any party. There are complimentary beverages too, which is a bonus at this yacht party.

Gourmet Cuisine

Gourmet Cuisine

A party is incomplete without some good food. After all the energy that goes into the wild dancing, you need a good dose of calories with a delicious meal. At this F1 yacht party, the food is to die for. With a wide range of food options available to suit every palate, you can experience the best of fine dining here.

Live DJ

If you’re one of those who just hit the dance floor at a party, you will surely love to groove at the beats of the live DJ at this F1 yacht party. Just the thought of dancing on a yacht seems so exciting. The choice of music and albums is so exclusive that it will add that zing to the party vibe. With their DJ, even those who stay away from dancing, wouldn’t shy away from showing their moves.

Party with Celebrities

Party with Celebrities

This is definitely the best place for those who get those heart-eyes in awe of a celebrity. This is your chance to party with some big shot celebrities, you would have just dreamt of meeting. Here, you will be partying along with them — on a super yacht!

Live Streaming of Races

Being in the audience section and watching the races is so conventional — and definitely not as exciting as watching it from a yacht. With this F1 yacht party, you will get to enjoy watching the race cars tear through the wind from a super yacht.

Race your way to a Formula 1 Abu Dhabi yacht party, and experience the magic of partying amid glitz and glamour on a super yacht by visiting Seven Yachts website and booking a yacht.

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